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Pastor Bugembe Regrets Being Part of Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala Engule Song

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The Pastor and singer who featured in Bobi Wine’s controversial song whose official music video was released on December 31, 2018 says he wouldn’t have participated in a Bobi Wine song if he knew it would be political. Pastor Bugembe was bashed by other pastors for taking part in a political song that distorted a Christian hymn for political gains according to them.

This came after Bobi Wine was accused of ‘political opportunism’ by Church leaders in Uganda. They said he distorted and manipulated a Christian hymn in other to get political support and increase his influence.

Two Ugandan pastors, Joseph Serwadda and Martin Ssempa were not happy at all with their fellow pastor who sang a verse in the song which has been coined from a Christian hymn. In an interview with NTV, pastor Serwadda cautioned:

Go and warn that Member of Parliament who is using the song. Tell him don’t use God’s property. Tell him to stop using God’s property in blasphemous situations like this one.”

Senior Pastor Wilson Bugembe who featured in Tuliyambala Engule alongside other artistes like Nubia Li, King Saha, Dr Hilderman, Irene Namatovu and Irene Ntale told NTV in an interview that he was not aware the song was political when he was recording his part. He points out that he did just what he was told to do and that his verses of the song calls for peace and unity.

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I think I underestimated its impact and if I was to do it all over again I would be like ‘No’,” he said.

When you see my part, I did exactly what they told me. I am not anti-government,” he continued.

In a press conference held at his home to address the issue, Bobi Wine told reporters that “the work I do is not my own – The matters I address in order to see improvement in the lives of God’s people, and for them to come out of oppression – I am doing God’s work,”

He expressed his disappointment in the Church leaders because to him, they “see the rampant women murders, corruption and injustice and stay silent” but will attack someone who is courageous enough to stand up and fight.

This is hypocritical. It is very wrong, they should change,” he said.

It should be known that Pastor Bugemba also took part in Tubonga Naawe, a song that was composed for President Museveni.

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In a Facebook post by the Ugandan musician turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who is also a member of parliament wrote the politicians “politicised music in the first place. They paid artistes to sing Tubonga Naawe,” referring to the song Pastor Bugembe was part of to praise Museveni.

They wanted music to brainwash people and influence politics in their favour. We also decided to use music to awaken the people and it became too much for them. They realised they had started a game they couldn’t play,” he wrote.

Bobi Wine's Facebook Post
Bobi Wine’s Facebook Post on Politicized Music

Pastor Bugembe also claimed he wasn’t anti-government.

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