Primary/Elementary School Experience in Nigeria|Story Time|CCWM| I was so Embarrased|Hilarious Gist

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I know you like gist, i do too. Well here is gist for you
I loved primary school, it was simple times.
I had great experiences too. I share 2 stories with you today.
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Love You xoxo.

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13 Thoughts to “Primary/Elementary School Experience in Nigeria|Story Time|CCWM| I was so Embarrased|Hilarious Gist”

  1. So you were a bully 🙁

  2. The kind of things popular girls in American high school movies can do. Hope you formed an anti bullying coalition after.

  3. Meeting! Chim o😂😂😂

  4. We want more juicy gist😌 I see a ring on your left fourth finger. We want that gist. I am amebo like that

  5. Lol. Interesting. . I also uploaded an interesting vlog on my channel. I enjoyed ya video . Thanks for sharing

  6. Aswear primary school were simpler times😁

  7. Lol.. Very interesting !!

  8. 😂
    I had zero over twenty in a French test.
    The teacher gave examples and I thought I was following the rules and I asked the teacher, he affirmed. When I saw my score, o cried like tomorrow no dey.
    It's funny how I hated zero

  9. Primary school was just so wonderful! 😍😍.
    I was so popular at least 😂 for various reasons.
    #KingOfAmebo(favourite 😏😜)✔️

    From Assembly to the toilet they know me, you don't mess with me cause I'll make sure you cry as monitor😂😂.

    Primary school was the main the main school jare….

  10. You have a primary 3 story too 😩

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