Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Nigeria) (Alternate Video)

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24 Thoughts to “Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Nigeria) (Alternate Video)”

  1. God bless you Mother Africa I know you understand Everything, we will be together soon, I love you too, peace and love, Doug:) <3.

  2. emphasizing on the good part blinds us from making the slums better ..
    everyone is shooting videos in the most beautiful parts and leaving out the slums where the realest are

  3. Realest music video ever…

  4. Love nija, frome israll 😉

  5. Damn that just raw….my goodness

  6. Typical African American. Came back to your roots and all you can show is the slums as if there are no better places. Its even disheartening that I can see natives cheering him on.

  7. Danke Bogy

  8. Wer ist hier wegen MC Bogy ? 😀

  9. Wer ist auch wegen mc bogy hier ?

  10. 0:59 the right face says :"dont f with me, i aint playin"


  12. Makoko is the name of the location where this video was shot.

  13. He went to part of Africa that's doing bad because of our people struggling all around the world much love and respect to the mother land from pa in the usa.

  14. Nigerians tough people .

  15. if you listen to this song in 2020 do not hesitate to give me a little like.

  16. rick ross said my slime

  17. Dope
    9ja grind!!! you wan try???

  18. Fat Ross…my favorite Ross.

  19. Bogy hat mich geschickt
    PS: AchtVier ist ein junky 🤣

  20. Rick Ross is a G" I don't give a fuck.
    Nigga represents I'll tell u that.

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