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Snazzy Shikena – Winner Of Our Social Media Presence Award

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To be honest with you, as a musician, it is quite tough to do-it-all when it comes to managing your social media presence. Come to think of it – you are doing a promo of your latest song, hustling fresh fans or even checking for new gigs. That to me is not an easy task, though you should not be surprised with the rewards that will come with it.

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I thought of giving the title to this post as “Let your social media fingers be like that of Snazzy Shikena”. Then I remembered it’s his birthday. What a coincidence or let me say double coincidence. He will be dropping a song today “Bon Bon Bon”. To make his day great, Iyunade blog decided to give him our Social Media Presence Award. We Do It Big! (that’s Snazzy’s slogan).

I am not only writing this post to use him as an example of how artistes can use their social media presence to market themselves, but also to wish him a happy birthday. NB: Snazzy Shikena is his artistic name. He is Ntewa Maxcel, a Cameroonian and he is the sixth in a family of seven.

Musicians are so often busy though in my opinion, they still need to find out time to spend on their marketing. If you are a musician who wants to build a base, get followers, be discovered by new ones, then there is a need for you to know the ins and outs of social media.

As an artist, your social media presence can lift you up the ladder as well as bring you down to the floor. As an indie level artist, it is very necessary for you to have a social media campaign so as to connect with many fans as you can.

I have been following Snazzy Shikena on social media, and I see him as a good example of what an artist should do to keep his fans alive. Let me share with you some of the things I have seen Snazzy do which many may see as a waste of time but that will be of great help to him in the future of his career.

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1. Consistent posting

We all know how busy artists are, yet this guy is always online to drop something, comment on one somewhere, write long posts, sharing “Likes” and distributing “Hearts” everywhere. As an artist, a consistent posting strategy is one of the key things that will help build your social media presence. You have to always be there with your fans and keep them engaged with your music.

Leaving your social media account to stay for too long with little or no updates will make your fans to forget about you as well as your music. The more your social media accounts are updated, there is a high probability that you will be getting an increased number of followers.

2. Engage one-on-one with your audience

This is just too Snazzy Shikena. He is always engaged with his audience in a one-on-one conversation. There is hardly a comment on his posts that he doesn’t reply, click “Like” or sends an Emoji. In fact, he sends a “Heart” to almost all comments on his posts. He is even noted for always giving a “Heart” to his own replies and comments.

This is a great way of creating an instant connection with your followers or fan base. Once a fan or follower gets in touch with you, make sure you engage in a one-on-one conversation. Great networks could be built without you knowing. Time also matters in this case. Prompt replies will play the magic.

3. Share useful content

Snazzy Shikena doesn’t only share valuable content but adds value to it before sharing. He doesn’t only promote his music on social media but micro-blogs also. To increase your social media presence as a musician, you need to feed your fans with useful, interesting and valuable content. Valuable content maybe you in the midst of creating an album, recording a song, etc. Sharing a footage or images in the studio will be amazing to your fans.

This is what Snazzy Shikena has been doing to his fans since he went out of the country to record his “Bon Bon Bon” song that will be released today. His fans have been receiving daily updates of his activities. He’s been announcing his birthday almost daily, not only because it’s his birthday, but because he will be releasing a song on that day – which happens to be today.

4. Connect with other musicians in the industry

As a musician, when you are building your social media presence, make sure you link up with other musicians. Snazzy is always out there for his colleagues sharing their works and posts. Retweet posts from influencers or those artists that have made it. They may think of you when it is time to connect. Build that connection by sharing and commenting on their works, their posts, etc.

5. Why not hire a social media marketer or firm?

It is not an easy thing doing what Snazzy has been doing alone. He may have the energy and can squeeze out time, but may not be able to meet up with his schedules in the future. It takes a lot to create new music, to do studio rehearsals, interviews, gigs here and there, etc. In this situation, hiring a social media marketer or firm will be very necessary. A social media firm can make a musician with no fan base become a star in less than no time.

Beware: There are SOCIAL MEDIA FIRMS and social media firms. No two firms are created equally. To be on the safe side, you will have to choose wisely. In my next post, I will be telling you why you need to choose MCMG as your social media partner or music promo partner. It should be noted that Iyunade Blog and a host of other blogs are products of MCMG.

By Derick Sullivan Lobga for Iyunade Blog

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Watch Snazzy Shikena’s Lyrics Video “Bon Bon Bon” below:

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