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How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion)

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The things written below about Stanley Enow and Locko are my opinions, they may differ from the reality, but it’s clear that such things do exist in the entertainment industries these days.

Stanley Enow & Locko

We watch a lot of movies, and music videos every day. Most people watch these videos just for entertainment purposes, whilst others watch to pick out the messages, and symbolism.

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So many secret societies like the Illuminati and the Freemason use movies, and music to communicate among themselves. It will be hypocritical of us to say we are not familiar with the following occultic signs and symbols depicted in the picture below:

Stanley EnowAmong these signs and symbols, the all-seeing eye of Horus (Ra, Baphomet, Satan) seems to be the most popular.

We see it every day being propagated by celebrities: actors, models, and musicians. 

The all-seeing eye is an important symbol the Freemasons borrowed from the Egyptians. It symbolizes the watchfulness of their horned-god the Baphomet.

There are so many ways this symbol is displayed these days. Most celebrities promote it with their hands covering their eyes. This same symbol is also found the one dollar bill.

This symbol was seen in Stanley Enow’s “Njama Njama Cow music” video featuring Sarkodie. That was the first time it appeared in Cameroon’s entertainment industry. The director of the video subtly embedded it in the video as instead of the mainstream use of hands and objects to cover an eye, a car was used.


We can vividly see Sarkodie sitting on the bonnet of the car with his legs covering the unlighted headlamp. Coincidence right?

That was just one of the signs symbolizing Stanley Enow’s involvement in the worshipping of Baphomet. Sarkodie said:

“You’re not gonna pay me cos I normally take 3-six”

3-Six simply put, is 666. Let’s reference the bible here, where in Chapter 13-18 of the Book of Revelation, it reads:

“This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for the name of someone. Its number is 666.”Good News Translation

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In my opinion, Sarkodie was figuratively telling Stanley Enow that the only reason he featured in the remix of Njama Njama cow is due to the speculation that Enow worships the god who pays Sarkodie with 666.

Now, let’s get into our subject matter!

Stanley Enow was propelled to superstardom by his then hit song: ‘Hein Père’. Locko did a cover of ‘Hein Père’. Stanley Enow said, it was the best cover for the song, so he kept his word by featuring Locko in ‘Bounce’.

Locko’s voice was so magical in the audio of bounce so much so that his absence was conspicuous. We didn’t see him physically in the video, but he was somehow represented esoterically in the video

                  Locko Being represented esoterically by a padlock hung on a vertical chain.

8 seconds into the video, Stanley Enow shouted Locko’s name. We were expecting to see a visual of Locko, but instead, a padlock hung and keyed on a vertical chain was shown.

Decoding the symbolism and esoteric messages in the picture

  • The padlock represented Locko.
  • The chain represented the ladder of fame.
  • Each ring of the chain represented stages of fame.

The first ring indicated that Locko had been accepted, tested and keyed to the first stage of fame, and just half of the next stage was shown to him. The second stage looked even more enticing. Locko really would have loved to be in the Video, but just like Sarkodie said to Stanley, Locko’s image couldn’t reflect the ‘666’ mark.

The second reason Locko could only be represented in the video esoterically contributed almost 50% to his current status on the chain of fame. His absence increased his fan base drastically and boosted the Lockomotive movement.

Today, we see Locko reflecting almost the same level of fame and stardom like Stanley Enow. We can conclusively say, Stanley Enow created Locko in his image and likeness.

NB:  image and likeness = fame and stardom.

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    I kinda find some truth in this bcus it is said in the illuminati a new member has to do a song with an old member n since locko did with stanley snow his fame has increased….I love the article it has realistic facts….goodjob.

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    There’s some truth in the video of Enow ft Sarkodie because at the and of the song Enow says something like ”Stanley Enow Enimati”

  8. Leboyz Fongang

    In njama njama cow Enow said something at end like ”Stanley Enow Enimati” that’s when i began to suspect he was already a member.Reading this article just proved my suspicions were not wrong.

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