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Aha tu est toujours la dans ma tête Tu ne sais pas ooo Aha depuis la,je t’attend tu ne voir pasoo   She fall asleep, in the night Ma anaconda coming from the back She say wousch, yoiie, choii The thing e big, she start to caress And want to play with it hmm uuuuh Laisse moi te soulager vrai vrai   Ce que tu fait C’est cool aiiyeh Ça fait hmm hmm c’est très bien I’m feeling good, im… Read More
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Akwandor Could Go To Jail For Plagiarism

When I read this post from 237Showbiz, Is The Beat For Wax Dey’s Non Non Made By Akwandor A Copy Of Hurtin’ Me By Stefflon Don I felt really bad because the song, the lyrics, the melody and most of all the beats are too clean for it to be stained by beat jacking. beats jacking is not something new in the world of music but, it becomes very humiliating when it is coming from big names in the industry… Read More