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Blanche Bailey Runs out of creativity

Promo Promo Promo : New Star(Price Joe)–First Single on Youtube–Click to watch Overall Qualities   Structure Ndolo has a 27-second spellbound intro. Kudos to the Video director for making the intro that short and captivating. Many people will follow the song right till the end so as to find out why Blanche Bailey was locked-up. I give a 5-star rating to the intro. I will always give a 5-star rating to short and memorable Choruses. Ndolo got that! The varieties… Read More
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Daphne Took The Crown: Full List Of AFRIMA 2018 Winners

Daphne Njie was named as one the AFRIMA 2018 winners. The competition for the Africa Music Awards 2018 was highly contested by Cameroon’s nominees in the Best Female Artiste Central Africa category. You had Blanche Baily in “BonBon”, Charlotte Dipanda ft Yemi Alade in “Sista”, Shura “Allez Dire” and Daphne in “Jusqu’a La Gare”. Contestants from other countries included Amanda Malela (Democratic Republic of Congo) in “Kumama”, Anabela Aya (Angola) in “I Love You Bue”, Bruna Tatiana (Angola) in “Amo-te”… Read More
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New Music Alert: Blanche Bailly Releases “Ndolo” Music Video

Only when we were thinking of rolling the weekend with Micki Wren’s “How We Roll”, Blanche Bailly came in with “Ndolo” to add some spice. And if that wasn’t enough, Reniss comes in hours later to add some piment straight from New Bell Music with her “On Dit Quoi” music video that was released same day. Blanche Bailly shared with us her never unending sour relationship with men in her latest music video “Ndolo”, produced by Mr Mccoy and directed… Read More