5 Creative Ways to Give Back to Your Community

We all grow up in a community; whether small, large, affluent or rural, our community plays a huge role in the way our life pans out. We feel a sense of  connectedness to this community, such that when it falls on hard times we feel the need to contribute, give back, and help build it back up. Giving back to your community is a great way to contribute to a worthy cause. It can be as easy as just donating… Read More

#Trending: Do You agree with the Proposed Nollywood Cast of #BlackPanther?

Have you watched the highly anticipated ‘Black Panther‘ movie yet? If you’ve not, don’t worry we are not dropping spoilers. With the movie doing so well in cinemas, fans of the Marvel comic – and movie – can’t stop talking about it on social media. Yesterday, a Nigerian on Twitter shared his thoughts on which Nollywood stars can aptly take on the lead roles in the movie. See them below. Mercy Johnson as Okoye, Head of the Dora Milaje Joke… Read More