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Jovi’s Ouleu, The Wackest 237 Song In 2019?

I have been tagged on several Facebook posts to do a review of Jovi’s latest video ‘Ouleu’. The Mboko gang is known and reputed for unparalleled savagery. As a matter of fact, only the strong will dare to hold a contrary opinion to the stance of the Mboko gang. Jovi is the recipient of unconditional love from his gang members. Therefore, we do not expect the mboko gang members to ever say or see anything wrong in whatsoever Jovi does.… Read More
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Reasons why Jovi is stuck in ‘Yaounde’

Jovi, also known by his producer pseudonym, Le Monstre is by any standard one of the most talented rappers in Cameroon. He found his place in the spotlight some 7 years ago when he dropped his nationwide acclaimed Don 4 Kwat. It will be right in place for me if I said he was the only man the showbiz lights were beaming on at that time. I remember how we used to dance and feel his vibration in Berlyse, Buea!… Read More