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Daphne Took The Crown: Full List Of AFRIMA 2018 Winners

Daphne Njie was named as one the AFRIMA 2018 winners. The competition for the Africa Music Awards 2018 was highly contested by Cameroon’s nominees in the Best Female Artiste Central Africa category. You had Blanche Baily in “BonBon”, Charlotte Dipanda ft Yemi Alade in “Sista”, Shura “Allez Dire” and Daphne in “Jusqu’a La Gare”. Contestants from other countries included Amanda Malela (Democratic Republic of Congo) in “Kumama”, Anabela Aya (Angola) in “I Love You Bue”, Bruna Tatiana (Angola) in “Amo-te”… Read More
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AFRIMA – 4 Cameroon Artistes To Battle For Best Female Central Africa

Four Cameroonian female artistes will be competing to win the Best Female Central Africa crown today at the Africa Music Awards 2018 that started on November 22 in Accra, Ghana. They include Blanche Baily with her track title “BonBon”, Charlotte Dipanda featuring Yemi Alade in “Sista”, Daphne in “Jusqu’a La Gare” and Shura “Allez Dire”. The four female artistes representing Cameroon in this category will be battling against representatives from two other countries – Angola and the Democratic Republic of… Read More
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How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion)

The things written below about Stanley Enow and Locko are my opinions, they may differ from the reality, but it’s clear that such things do exist in the entertainment industries these days. Stanley Enow & Locko We watch a lot of movies, and music videos every day. Most people watch these videos just for entertainment purposes, whilst others watch to pick out the messages, and symbolism. Recommended: Every man needs a woman like Mary Njoku So many secret societies like… Read More