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General Valsero Abandoned by His Music Comrades

Music is not only about entertainment and this has been proven in many instances where we find musicians in jail because of their stance against those in power. There are many of them spending jail time because they protested or demanded for social justice – poverty, social inequality, political oppression, and others. On the other hand, many have found themselves in prison because of their regrettable behavior. I am not talking about these ones in particular although some of them… Read More
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Mimi Mefo; from an award winning Journalist to a blogger

There has been a lot of talks online about Mimi Mefo’s nomination in the list of best blogger (English) of the year in the Bonteh Media Award. Many think she doesn’t deserve to be chosen for this specific category because she is not a blogger. Others think she deserves it because she has a website that dish out news similar to a blog. Others still argue that she is a journalist and her work as a journalist is to give… Read More