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5 Amazing things you didn’t know about Wosoh Entertainment

Brief: The birth of a new record label, ‘WOSOH Entertainment’. Things you didn’t know about Wosoh Entertainment: Wosoh Entertainment is a record label working under the auspices of ‘Wosoh Production and Arts Pty Ltd’. The label develops talents, Publishes music, Enforces copyrights of artists’ contents, Markets and promotes music.  Wosoh Entertainment Press Release The increasing growth in the music industry in Africa can be seen in the number of talents that are born every day. There is still enough room… Read More
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Snazzy Shikena – Winner Of Our Social Media Presence Award

To be honest with you, as a musician, it is quite tough to do-it-all when it comes to managing your social media presence. Come to think of it – you are doing a promo of your latest song, hustling fresh fans or even checking for new gigs. That to me is not an easy task, though you should not be surprised with the rewards that will come with it. Promo Promo Promo : New Star(Price Joe)–First Single on Youtube–Click to… Read More