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Stanley Enow-the Cult Grand-Master Of Cameroon’s Music Industry.

My Way Remix – Stanley Enow Featuring Diamond Platnuz and Ariel Sheney   Hey, peeps, been a while I did this! A wise man once said An old monkey can hardly ever forget its way through forest. This is for the passion of painting out thoughts with words. “My way remix”, Hmmmm! Judge not so ye be not judged. A text, taken out of context, as a pretext to keep the induced in perpetual silence. Naah! that’s not for me,… Read More
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How Stanley Enow created Locko In His Image And Likeness(Opinion)

The things written below about Stanley Enow and Locko are my opinions, they may differ from the reality, but it’s clear that such things do exist in the entertainment industries these days. Stanley Enow & Locko We watch a lot of movies, and music videos every day. Most people watch these videos just for entertainment purposes, whilst others watch to pick out the messages, and symbolism. Recommended: Every man needs a woman like Mary Njoku So many secret societies like… Read More