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Technology changes every year and completely changes the game, thereby creating a new paradigm shift and altering how things are done. In order to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in 2019, you need to be using new technology to increase productivity both at home and at work. Below are some new and exciting tech tools worth trying.


When you are setting exercise and fitness goal, it is very easy to lose interest in achieving these goals especially when you are busy with work. Sofit fitness tracker can monitor every aspect of your day including food intake, activity, steps, exercise, calories burned, heart rate, weight, and sleep. With a battery that lasts a week and a minimalist design, Sofit looks great and helps you feel great.


Multi Laptop Windows

Do you know what is better than one screen? Three screens. This multi-window attachment makes working on different projects easier. It is very affordable and is in high demand. This multi-functional screen will serve the full desktop experience, no matter where you are.



Clip-On Smartphone Camera (get Amazon affiliate link)

If you love taking photos with your phone, this clip-on camera lens contains a 180-degree fisheye lens, a 0.4x super wide-angle lens, and a 10x macro zoom lens for detailed close-up shots. Its sturdy aluminium and glass construction housing is water and dust resistant.


Jelly Folding Bluetooth Keyboard (get Amazon affiliate link)

These keyboards have been around for a while, but this new foldable wireless keyboard is the perfect solution that gives you a miniature set of QWERTY keys that folds down to roughly the size of a large smartphone for easy storage. It is compatible with iPhone, Windows, or Android phone or a tablet.


AMAZFIT BIP Bluetooth Smartwatch


This smartwatch is to be worn all day. The Amazfit bip smartwatch sync with your iOS or Android mobile device and sends notifications and incoming messages right to your wrist.


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