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The Plight Of Being Born With Melanin – by Luhena Sisay

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Racial injustice and systemic racism have been around for many years, and unfortunately, it still exists in 2020. It is sad to see the human race being treated less because of the melanin in their skin. There is less than a 0.2% genetic difference between the human race. There is no difference in the human colour genetically; all humans have the same colour; it is the melanin that produces different shade unto our skin.

But it brings me great sorrow to see another human being treated less because they have more melanin than the other. The killing of the late George Floyd has brought a lot of attention to what is going on in the world with regards to racism. And yes, this was a brutal death, but it is certainly not the first. This has been going on for decades.

Seeing my fellow black people suffer and observing their pain had brought a lot of anger and rage. You see, my ancestors had fought for the freedom of my country, and fortunately, they succeeded. I am from Ethiopia, the only country that has not been colonized by the European forces. I did not grow up seeing the damage that the white Europeans imposed on the black people. I grew up learning the pride and beauty of being black. I grew up learning about the great empires, warriors, and beauty that is in being African.

As I grew up, I started getting exposed to the outside world. I started hearing stories about my fellow Africans being colonized for many years. I started learning about slavery and how white people oppressed us because of our skin colour. I love being black, and I would never change it for the entire world, but I did not know that having such beauty can cost me an abundance.

These past few years have been eye-opening for me. I have learned the cruelty and the oppression my fellow black people have been facing. Living in segregated areas, underfunded schools, the prison system, police brutality, and many more. It is painful to see my brothers and sisters being neglected of their human rights because of their melanin.

Hundreds, if not thousands, are being killed in broad daylight because people think they are a threat because of their skin colour. This does not make sense to me. No one should feel like their being targeted because of their skin; no one should be neglected the same opportunities other human beings get because of their colour, No one should lose their lives because of the way they look. We are humans, too; our lives matter too; our families’ lives matter too.


Enough is enough; we have been oppressed, neglected, targeted, and killed way too many times. We demand change. The future black generation should not go through what we face every day of our lives. We need to fight with every ounce of our breath for this change to happen—black lives matter…

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