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Timaya Got Interviewed By Daddy Freeze And Dished Out Lots Of Stew

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Hello IB readers, Hope Y’all are doing great. Today, we are going to make public things you didn’t know about Timaya! We all know Timaya as one of the best dancehall artists ever in the Nigerian music industry. We also know him to be the bad boy who seized a car gift from his ex-girlfriend; Empress Njamah.

This blog post is more concerned about the things which other bloggers haven’t been able to cover yet!

Ifedayo Olarinde popularly called Freeze, a Nigerian controversial radio host and presenter; leader of ‘Free Nations International’ recently visited Timaya in his new Mansion where he had an in-depth interview-which I consider more like a dialogue than the conventional interviews which most times, happened to be tensed.

In the 2hours long but interesting interview, we were able to learn the following things about Timaya:

His views and opinions about Christianity are shallow; he believes more in daddy Go’s, Papas and spiritual mamas. The image of Jesus painted and portrayed by Hollywood, and the Vatican has so much stuck in his head so much so that, he believes Jesus is a handsome white man with blue eyes and straight-long hair. Daddy Freeze contradicted him by quoting the book of Isaiah 53:2:


Timaya is among the Christian folks who pay tithes that new ager men of ‘god’ used to live luxurious lifestyles and fuel their private jets; but the good thing is, he also does charitable works and gives out to the poor and less privileged.

Timaya doesn’t care much about politics. Like most rich Nigerians, Timaya is more concerned about his individual achievements, successes, and his family.

Daddy Freeze talked about Nigeria being the world’s headquarter of poverty. Timaya responded by talking about his bills and expenditures. This further iterates he doesn’t care much about other Nigerians!


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Aside not being versed with Christianity, paying tithes to daddy ‘GOs’, lack of interest in politics; Timaya could be said to be: a very down to earth person, an artist with a good sense of humour, a wise person and a man who gives his Children the best of upbringing.

Timaya also keeps a good and cordial relationship with his baby mama, paying her bills; making sure she’s happy so she can equally raise him, Happy Children.

Click below to watch the interview, and I bet your opinion about Timaya will change for the good.

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