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Funke Adesiyan fires back at Tonto Dikeh… Bobrisky then comes to Tonto’s defense

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Okay… If you are a fan of Nollywood, then you should be aware that Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh was the most trending topic of this week. She has been giving us hot gist from her failed marriage with her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill. She opened a Youtube channel for this reason and has been seen called him names like “40 seconds Man”, “Yahoo Plus man” and other funny names.

Celebrities like Ik Ogbonna and several others have come out to advise her to think about her son and the effect on him. Funny enough, Tonto Dike always has a reply for everyone. The clap back that caught our attention is that of Funke Adesiyan.

Funke Adesiyan wrote a post and asked Tonto Dikeh to be quiet about her life and settle things privately… Tonto Dike fired back that she will beat Funke up and promised her a broken mouth for shading her.

Funke in response to Tonto has said it is “impossible” for ‘Tonto Dikeh’ to beat her up, as she’s got a black belt in Taekwondo.

Funke Adeyisan fires back

@tontolet I want to believe you don’t mean it when you said you’d break my face. I weigh 110kg of solid body muscle darling. I have a black belt in Taekwondo (ask around). However, I don’t fight unnecessary people. I pick my fights and ignore little people thus you not hearing my name here and there.

I’ll tell you what I think of you, you are a depressed woman who hangs onto every straw of attention to remain relevant. True relevance comes only when you stop seeking validation from people.

You say you don’t care about what people think of you but it’s a big fat lie. You do care. That is the reason you grant countless interviews about your ex.

My dear, there’s so much you can become without the shadow of your ex. Break free and abound. The future is so big.

One advice for you, don’t come for me when you see me, you’d be sorry.

P.s my only response to you.

Tonto Dikeh’s now ‘Best friend’, Bobrisky also quickly came to Tonto’s Defense. Bobrisky wrote;

Hey, Funke, do u think 🤔 is about your weight? Is fighting by weight? You are just a useless woman with shapeless body goal. Reasonable people are talking in the industry pepper seller like you too wanna trend……Get Tonto gist off your dirty mouth pls.


Must all of you female cows trend on people news? Firstly, it was Regina now pepper seller looking too wanna trend on Tonto gist. She has her mouth and she is free to say anything with her mouth.

If you are tired of her gist vacate from social media…. you all wanna talk about people but failed to mind your own business…. I know after dis you will want to come for me. Trust me I will drag you to the dirty pit of hell 🔥🔥🔥🔥. 

Yes, you weren’t calling my name on dis but trust me you just messed with my friend and no one mess with KING TONTO when am still alive. Keep your weight and the same energy when you see her like she said. Is then you know Igbo women are way stronger than fat looking bitch like you. Signing out


Lol, Well the drama is hot and the internet has been on fire. Earlier on a video surfaced online where in the early stages of Tonto marriage she was praising her Ex-Husband that he is God-fearing and the best Man for her.

The best part of this gist is… Olakunle Churchill has been quiet about the whole rants thus; making Nigerians call him the most “Matured Man Alive”.


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