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3 years ago, English Cameroon could boast only of a few entertainment blogs like kinakablog, thehotjem, nextdimempire, 237showbiz, e-kwat and kamerkongossa of Valery Atia. Today, the narrative is different! The blogosphere in English Cameroon is experiencing a great renaissance. New Blogs and bloggers emerge on a daily basis, some show genuine interests in the profession as they go about learning from the professionals. Others pick-up titles, get their egos inflated and then start ranting on Facebook in the name of blogging.

What if Mark Z decides to shut down Facebook today? What becomes of Cameroon’s Facebook bloggers?

Blogging is a noble profession, but most Cameroonians think otherwise basing their judgements on Cameroon’s new age bloggers (Facebook ranters). Most of these new age entertainment bloggers add little or no value to the profession, but rather discredit it with their rantings.

This article is intended to differentiate the ‘FUFUs’ from the ‘NKENDEs’

I will be rating and ranking the blogs listed below based on Page Authority, Domain Authority, MOZ Page rank, Alexa Rank, Content and the age of the domain.  Below, are the domains which are to be rated herein.

Best Bloggers in Cameroon

Best Bloggers in Cameroon

Some domain names are quite older than others so let’s categorize the domains according to their ages:

1 month – 12 Months

  • Mybebine is 11 months and 29 days old.
  • Amihblog is 8 months and 16days old.
  • Kesamagazine is 10 months and 13days old.
  • Anjiesblog is 8 months and 12 days old.
  • Mrchuckspromo is 3 months and 16 days old.
  • Jmartinspromotv is 4 months and 15days old
  • Iyunadeblog is 10 months and 20days old.

1 year – 2years

  • Ndolezone is 1 year, 2 months and 26 days old.
  • Muzeeplay is 1 year, 1 month and 9 days old.
  • Afriblinksblog is 1 year, 2 months and 15 days old.
  • Missginapromotes is 2 years, 4 months and 9 days old.
  • Dcodedtv is 2 years, 6 months and 1 day old.
  • Kinnakasblog is 2 years, 11 months and 25 days old.
  • Cameroonianbeauties is 2 years, 2 months and 24 days old.
  • Meetcameroonians is 2 years, 10 months and 5 days old.

3years – 4years

  • 237showbiz is 3 years, 3 months and 2 days old.
  • thehotjem is 4 years, 11 months and 17 days old.
  • e-kwat is 4 years, 7 months and 8 days old.

5years old domain

  • Cameroonweb.

9 years old Domain

  • nextdimempire

Page Authority –  Domain Authority – MOZ Rank

MOZ DA: Domain Authority

MOZ PA: Page Authority

MOZ Rank: MozRank represents a web link popularity score and the importance of any given web page or website, or blog on the Internet. MozRank is a popularity score of any website which is updated regularly and given a number from 0 to 10.

Domain age has little or no influence on MOZ Rank of a website or blog. To validate this claim, let’s compare Iyunadeblog and e-kwat.

  1. E-kwat is 4 years, 7 months and 8 days old, while Iyunadeblog is 10 months and 20days old.
  2. Iyunadeblog has a MOZ Rank score of 2.20/10, while e-kwat has a MOZ Rank score of 2.0/10.

Deducing from the age disparity and Moz rank score between Iyunadeblog and e-kwat, we can confidently say the age of a domain is not as important as real input in building quality backlinks.

We have 20 blogs listed above, but we intend to rate only the 10 top best Entertainment blogs in English Cameroon. So by the process of elimination, blogs with a Moz rank score less than 2/10 are automatically eliminated.

If you do not find your blog among the 10 top blogs listed below, you have to make a choice from the two options listed below:

  1. Go back to Facebook and continue ranting, or
  2. Learn from professional bloggers by sacrificing 7000 CFA to invest in an e-book written by a guy I consider as the best blogger in Cameroon. It’s a 110-page book filled with knowledge which will take you from the basic level of blogging to an amateur, and then to a pro.

The choice is yours, click here to buy the book, Content is Money By Enstine Muki.

It may interest you as a blogger to know that Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg’s property, whilst your blog is yours. You ought to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog and not to be deceived by comments from people who do not even click on links you share on Facebook.

For what shall it profit bloggers to get 1000 likes on Facebook and zero-click on their links?

Domain Authority is not new in the SEO world, but many bloggers are not aware of it as well as it’s significance. It helps you to determine how good your website ranks in search engines. Today, domain and page authority are more significant in the ranking of domains not like in the past where page-rank was the major determinant.

Be mindful that real companies that may contact you to use the advert spaces on your blog, will check your DA, PA, and traffic before signing a deal with you. Some of us bloggers are only making money as promoters on Facebook, how many of us are actually making money as bloggers?

Let me not digress, we are here to rate top 10 entertainment Blogs or bloggers in English Cameroon.

Based on a MozRank score of 2 and above, the following blogs have made it to the top 10:

  • Nextdimempire,
  • Missginapromotes, 8,140 
  • Kinnakasblog,
  • Iyunadeblog, 8,400 
  • Cameroonianbeauties,
  • Meetcameroonians,
  • 237showbiz, 1,680
  • thehotjem, 14,952 
  • e-kwat,13,621
  • Cameroonweb.  36

We will be using Alexa Statistics and Mozrank score to finally know which blog is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd….. and the 10th.

Alexa Statistics/Rank: A rough estimate of a blog’s popularity in a specific country. Alexa Rank by country is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to a blog and page views on the blog from users of the specified country over the past month. The blog with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked number 1 in that country. Alexa Rank is updated on a daily basis!

We give 30% for Mozrank score because it concerns the strength of blogs and pages, 50% for unique contents and 20% for MOZ Ranks

Rating based on Mozrank scoreRating based on Alexa rank 
    1. Cameroonweb
    2. Nextdimempire .
    3. Kinnakasblog .
    4. Thehotjem .
    5. 237showbiz .
    6. Iyunadeblog .
    7. Cameroonianbeauties
    8. Meetcameroonians
    9. E-kwat.
    10. Missginapromotes.

  1. Cameroonweb.
  2. 237showbiz.
  3. Missginapromotes
  4. Iyunadeblog
  5. e-kwat
  6. Thehotjem
  7. Kinnakasblog
  8. Nextdimempire
  9. Meetcameroonians
  10. Cameroonianbeauties



With all the Stats provided, conclusively, our top 10 Entertainment Blogs are:

10. Meet Cameroonians


Meetcameroonians has been inactive for a very long time.

9. Cameroonian Beauties


Cameroonianbeauties provides unique contents, impressive page rank, domain authority and Mozrank. The blog is the 9th on this ranking.

8. Kinnaka’s Blog


Kinnakasblog has an impressive page authority, domain authority, and Mozrank score. Content-wise, Kinnakasblog is almost zero as most of her contents are found on other blogs. Obviously, she’s a ‘copy and paste’ kind of blogger. A year ago, I checked Kinnakas’ ranking on Alexa, she was among the top 500 websites in Cameroon, but at the time of writing this article; no Alexa stats was found for the blog in the country Cameroon.

7. E-kwat


At the time of writing this article, e-kwat was the 13,621st websites in Cameroon. That position is really poor for a blog that has been existing for the past 4 years. They occupy the 7th position because of their MOZ Ranking and contents.

6. Miss Gina Promotes


Miss Gina Promotes is the 8,140th website in Cameroon. The blog is 2 years, 4 months and 9 days old at the time of writing this article. She can do better! Though some of her contents are found elsewhere, she differentiates herself from ‘copy and paste bloggers’ by adding value to what she post on her blog. If she can abide by the standard 300 words SEO recommended articles, create more backlinks, increase her DA, PA and overall social media presence, she can easily become the best Entertainment Blogger in English Cameroon.

5. Nextdim Empire

Nextdim Empire is actually the oldest blog in English Cameroon. At the time of writing this article, just like Kinnakas blog, meetcameroonians, and Cameroonianbeauties, no ranking info was found for Nextdim Empire. They made it to the filth position because of their MOZ ranking and contents.

4. Cameroon Web

Cameroonweb is a bilingual blog! Cameroonweb is the 36th overall website in Cameroon at the time of writing this article. They have the higheest Moz ranking, but their content is not entirely entertainment reason why they are placed at the 4th position of this ranking.

3. Iyun Ade Blog


Iyunade Blog is the 8,400th Website in Cameroon. The blog is only 10 months old and competing with blogs that are plus 2 years old. Iyunade Blog offers unique contents and they are on point. In the next year or thereabouts, Iyunade Blog will easily become the first blog in English Cameroon.

2. The Hotjem


The Hot Jem is the 14,952nd Website in Cameroon. Given their domain age, they are supposed to be among the top websites in Cameroon. They made it to the second position of this ranking because of their MOZ ranking and content.

  1. 237 Showbiz


237Showbiz is the 1,680th website in Cameroon, their content is 100% focused on Entertainment. Their contents are also 100% unique, the reason why they easily occupied the first position on this list.

NB: The statistics in this article are valid as of the time this article was written. They are subject to change over time, activities and traffic on the blogs.


Thanks for reading.

Use the comment section below to let us know your thoughts.

Davis E Tabot for Iyunade Blog.


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    Hello dear friend and colleague. That’s excellent work. I’m part of ekwat editing desk. We sincerely appreciate ur great works. From the rankings above, we just want to let u know that though Ekwat was created in 2013 its official operation was only effective in 2017. And as of the moment the blog is on hold but we are looking for ways to re-strategise and came back to life.

    Great job u are doing but one small error I find in your blogging are your captions. Ur captions sometimes might ruin someone’s personality but ur contents are so unique and rich. Keep up!! We do it for the culture

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