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Wan Shey: How To Generate Sales From Your Music Online.

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While listening to Wan Shey’s interview on Iyunadeblog official Facebook Page, he was asked how fans could get a hold of his twin EPs; Chop Chair and Serene. He mentioned the various sites where you can pay to download his music online.

After listening to that, I got some worries. Do fans need to ask before these links are made available? How do artistes market their music online? Most of the times, fans get satisfied with what they get from YouTube and other free platforms like Soundcloud.

This is because most of the artists or their managers want it to be like that. They spend more time promoting to get YouTube views other than actually selling the product, which is the music. Artists boast of YouTube views instead of actual sales made through downloads and streaming.

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Artists do have a lot in their hands especially when it concerns the creative process of coming out with the music. However, there is no reason why you will have to burn the candles only to finish and get no return on your investments. You end up doing little to promote your music – especially online music promotion which is cheap.

As a musician, you need a lot of exposure to make your work known because of the high competition in the industry. Social media is one of the cheapest ways you can get your work exposed to many people with just a click of the mouse.

Most musicians don’t release music constantly so there is a lot of free time or downtime left. You can use this downtime to create content for your audience. This could be done even when you are busy in the studio or when you are between releases. If you really think you don’t have time, you can get people or pay others to help share your music video. You also need to make available, most importantly, the links for your fans to buy your music online or locations of where they could get CDs if they are available in hard copies.

I have been very impressed with what Reniss is doing with her last music video On Dit Quoi produced by Jovi Le Monstre and video by Ndukong Bertrand. She gives daily updates on the video and how it trends among her fans. She does so, providing links on how to get it.

This makes it easy for her fans to lay hands on it without having to search for long. Her work and persistence in carrying out the social media campaign may determine her success. Her attachment to what she is doing and her attitude of always creating content may not bring her a short-term success but will contribute to assuring great returns in the long run.

However, you also need to make sure that your social media content does really matter. You need to make sure they are valuable enough to your fans. Don’t make the mistake of giving out trash to them.

There is no harm in reposting links on how to get your music online in particular once in a while as a reminder. This will be of great help especially to new fans who may want to listen to your music. You take your goods or service to the market, you don’t wait for the market to come to you.

You can download Wan Shey’s twin EPs (Extensive Play), Chop Chair and Serene below:

  • Download on Jokwit (purchase using mobile money): Chop Chair EP and Serene EP

  • Download on Muzikol (purchase using Visa, American Express and MasterCard): Chop Chair EP and Serene EP

  • You can also download or listen to it on iTunes and Spotify by searching Chop Chair EP and Serene EP.

Checkout lyrics of Wan Shey’s Status Update 2 Featuring Young Holiday and N.A.T

Have you been successful on social media selling your music? Don’t hesitate to share with us your experience. Meanwhile, I will be sharing with you some social media tips you can use as a musician or band. Stay glued to your favourite blog, Iyunade.

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