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What The Manufactures Are Not Telling You About Samsung S10.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus are the fastest, powerful, long battery life and great Camera Phones in 2019. Since its launching in February, the Trios have become the market sensations of all android users. People love them because they are water resistant, have jacks for your wired headphones and can charge wirelessly.

  • Screen Quality

This ultra slim phones have curved edges that create a more immersive feel. The Galaxy S10 screens range from 5.8 inches to 6.4, with slim bezels all around. The S10 and S10 Plus have rounded edges, while the S10E has a flat screen. Another unique feature of these phones is its brightness, crispness and outdoor readability.

  • Storage

Samsung Galaxy S10 is very generous in its Storage capacity when compared to phones such as iPhone XS. The S10E has 128GB and also has a microSD slot that allows up to 512GB storage. For the S10 you can get you all the way to 1TB of storage space (with 12GB of RAM), or 1.5TB with that added microSD card. This is too generous. 

  • Camera

Samsung S10 has two cameras on the back and one in front. It is a rare feature you may not find in other phones. Samsung Galaxy S10 has a great camera to take pleasing shots outdoors. Its image quality is really good. The Trio has a feature that allows you to swap between the camera lenses from the regular lens to the ultra-wide-angle lens. Another reason why we love the Samsung S10 camera because you can edit your photos immediately after you take them and it has awesome effects to play with.

  • Battery Life

The Samsung S10 has the best battery life for any Samsung phone. It can last you throughout the day even if you use it to run heavy apps.

  • Wireless Powershare

Now, this is the Secret everyone doesn’t talk about. This is the reason why I feel the Samsung S10 is awesome. Its Wireless Powershare allows you to turn your phone into a wireless charger to top up Qi-enabled accessories and phones. It can even charge an iPhone and it cuts off once your battery reaches 30 per cent.

This is the top phone of the year and you can finally order for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked Phone and its Ultra-Thin Qi Charging Pad on Amazon. Click below to order on Amazon.


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