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5 Amazing things you didn’t know about Wosoh Entertainment

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Brief: The birth of a new record label, ‘WOSOH Entertainment’.

Things you didn’t know about Wosoh Entertainment:

  1. Wosoh Entertainment is a record label working under the auspices of ‘Wosoh Production and Arts Pty Ltd’.
  2. The label develops talents,
  3. Publishes music,
  4. Enforces copyrights of artists’ contents,
  5. Markets and promotes music. 

Wosoh Entertainment Press Release

The increasing growth in the music industry in Africa can be seen in the number of talents that are born every day. There is still enough room for anyone trying to venture into the music business – be it the artists, record labels, artist managers, and so on.

Talking about record labels, there are some major labels that have established themselves meanwhile, others are struggling to make a name for themselves. Thanks to the digital era, there are many labels out there doing their best and giving out quality that many could not believe.

With such successes, a new record label, ‘WOSOH Entertainment’ has been born to contribute to the success of the industry as well as bring about a change in artistes management. A press release by the new label issued on December 28, 2018, discloses that ‘WOSOH Entertainment’ will be officially launched on January 1, 2019, at 5 Plantation Road Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa.

Wosoh Production and Arts Pty Ltd is a non-profit Entertainment Network Hub that was registered in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014. After the official launching on the 1st of January, 2018, the company will focus more on the record label, ‘WOSOH Entertainment’. During the launch, the new label will be presenting some of its signees to the entire public. 

Wosoh Entertainment Signees

Snazzy Shikena Wosoh Entertainment Signee
 Snazzy Shikena
  • Snazzy Shikena:  Snazzy Skikena is a versatile Young and talented Cameroonian artist who recently migrated from Cameroon to South Africa to assume his position as the manager of Wosoh Entertainment. Snazzy has so many raps, dancehall and Afropop songs in his rich portfolio.  You can read more about Snazzy Shikena from this link: Snazzy Shikena – Winner Of Our Social Media Presence Award
6Tus Wosoh Entertainment Signee
Payseen Wosoh Entertainment Signee
  • Payseen, popularly known as Badman Payseen, is a South Africa-based Nigerian producer and artiste who is known for his outstanding productions and captivating voice.

We shall be doing detail profiling of 6Tus and Payseen in the days ahead on this platform!

It should be noted that WOSOH Entertainment has as a goal “to initiate a movement to promote African music and the entertainment industry to gain recognition under one common platform” that will have a wider reach to a large number of fans and audience. This will make it easy for the fans to “recognize, engage, book and share the artist’s music and interest.”

The mother company, Wosoh Production and Arts Pty Ltd focuses on elevating “the young and less privileged African artists to the global world by giving them a platform that exhibits their passions.”

CEO Of Wosoh Entertainment

Wosoh Patrick Betieh, CEO Of Wosoh Entertainment
Wosoh Patrick Betieh, CEO Of Wosoh Entertainment

Wosoh Patrick Betieh, who is also known as Paddy Powers is the founder and CEO of WOSOH Entertainment. as an entrepreneur who had amassed a great deal of expertise in Rap and on-stage performances since in 2006, he decided to start the ‘Wosoh Movement’. Given his level of commitment to promoting African music, we see him booking his place among African legends in no distant future.

Even though Paddy Powers lacked the necessary finances, his passion for arts and music pushed him to register the movement way back in 2014. In June 2018, he kickstarted the movement by investing in equipment as well as personal development.

He registered to study Music Production and Performing Arts in the Campus of Performing Arts and also to study Performance and Rap in the Rise Academy of Entrepreneurship in South Africa.

The new record label is also open to those who have digitally mastered tracks and music videos to submit their works for review. They are also informing those who play instruments or write music to also submit their profile to Wosoh Production and Arts Pty Ltd.

Was Stanley Enow in the right frame of mind when he made the statement?

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By Lobga Derick Sullivan for Iyunade Blog

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