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Zodwa Wabantu Wows her Instagram followers with her Pantyless Pictures

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Zodwa Wabantu the South African Socialite

South Africa is remarkable for many things! The father of Africa, Nelson Mandela is from South Africa. Great Rappers like Nasty C, Casper Novest, and Aka are all from South. South Africa is also ranked as one of the best touristic hubs of Africa. Much can be said about South Africa, but it will be outright boring without mentioning Zodwa Wabantu.

Zodwa Wabantu is a popular Johannesburg based, South African controversial dancer. She has been deported from Zambia and banned to ever perform in Zimbabwe. She’s famously known and noted for her numerous on stage naked performances and especially for kissing her fans unbiasedly while performing.

Zodwa Wabantu

As she becomes more popular, her scope increases as well! She seems to be gradually stamping your Vosho brand globally. Earlier this year, She was in the US and later on flew to Australia. 

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Zodwa Wabantu was in Dubai in late September. When news of her Dubai booked show was made public, there was a lot of social media speculations. Many argued that she wouldn’t be allowed to perform in Dubai. Dubai is the largest and most luxurious city in the United Arab Emirates. 

Arabs are known for their strict adherence to the Sharia Law. Many social media users who said Zodwa Wabantu will not be allowed to perform in Dubai based their arguments on the fact that Sharia law is against nudity and indecency.

Zodwa Wabantu performs in Dubai.

Zodwa Wabantu amazed her fans, supporters, haters and critics as she spellbound a swarm of people from different works of life; different races with her Vosho dance steps in Dubai.

The queen of Vosho always seems to have something up her sleeves! The wave and dust of her Dubai performance are yet to settle. She took her Instagram followers aback by posting a picture displaying her butt completely pantyless for all to see. 

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